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Our specialized working tables for watchmakers, goldsmiths, setters and engravers are based on an innovative modular system that allows maximum flexibility and adaptation to individual needs. At the heart of this system are three different table frames, which form the basis for every industry-specific requirement. Regardless of the industry, customers can choose from these basic models and configure their workbench as they wish.

We offer a variety of modular options that can be applied to each of these basic frames. These include the type of height adjustment, a selection of accessories and materials, size variations and special technical features aimed at making everyday working life more efficient and ergonomic. This system ensures that each table is precisely tailored to the specific requirements and working methods of the user and creates an optimum basis for precision work in every discipline.

  • All modular work tables are available as a watchmaker's table, as a jeweller's or goldsmith's table and as a setting and engraving table.
  • The MODULAR system offers numerous configuration options.
  • Can also be modified for other industries, such as precision mechanics or laboratory technology.


The MODULAR system consists of three different table frames that serve as a basis and form the starting point for further configuration options.

The choice of table frame is crucial because it determines the specific options and extensions that are available for each table.


Four-legged steel frame with closed back and side view



Four-legged steel frame with open back and side view.


Extremely stable T-leg frame made of aluminum. Frame visible or with side cladding.


We offer table frames with three different height adjustment options for equipping ergonomically designed workstations:

  • Manual height adjustment using adjustment screws offers a simple, elegant system.
  • With hydraulic crank height adjustment, the table frames are moved up or down using an attachable, easy-to-operate hand crank.
  • With the convenient electric height adjustment, the hydraulically motorized work table can be quietly and quickly adjusted to the optimum working height.

skilful and versatile

Our workbenches offer a new dimension of adaptability and innovation with a wide range of options for technology mounting. From lamp mounts to compressed air connections, tablet holders to pull-out docking stations with USB connection - our modular technology repertoire leaves nothing to be desired. One highlight of our equipment is the innovative, modular technology rail: this is seamlessly integrated into the work surface and consists of variable modules that not only allow flexible arrangement, but also provide an elegant solution for technology mounting and cable routing.


Add to your workspace with our versatile desk containers, which impress with their quiet, self-closing full-extension runners and high-quality solid wood drawers. These containers, optionally lockable and available in various material and decor versions, ensure order and safety.


In addition, we offer extensive configuration options in terms of worktop design, tool holders specifically for watchmakers, goldsmiths and setters, ergonomic armrests and a wide range of materials and colors for the carcass. With these options, you can create a workstation that not only meets your individual requirements in terms of functionality, but also aesthetics.


With our table configurator, every work table from the MODULAR series can be individually designed according to your ideas.

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