Quality that inspires.

BENCHALIST's point of reference never is just the bare minimum, but always what is possible.


We create an effective foundation for your work with sophisticated functionality and perfectly designed ergonomics. Because the crucial aspect for optimally practising a precise craft is the workstation per se.

BENCHALIST - With that certain ability to take the broader view.

BENCHALIST sets new standards when it comes to productivity and ultimately to health at work. For good reason, because the purchase of a new workbench is frequently also a long-term investment in working efficiently and comfortably. We offer our customers the best options for this purpose.


With BENCHALIST, you are at the cutting edge. The latest findings on ergonomic job design, high-quality materials and clever detail solutions are important components in our process of continuous product advancement. Our experience enables us to meet any requirements profile with the help of tried and proven theory and professional manufacture.

With innovative new products manufactured in-house, BENCHALIST always stays focused on the future. Despite all our progressiveness, we are living the proven virtues of quality craftsmanship and a down-to-earth attitude also today. State-of-the-art technology. unparalleled prospects.


Flexible production with outstanding quality.

  • BENCHALIST attaches the greatest importance to the quality of the materials and their meticulous finish. With these traits, we share your passion for practising a precision craft. The components of all manufactured products are exclusively quality materials from Germany and Switzerland, and thus assure high value retention.
  • In this way, we build specialised workbenches and fixtures with a wide variety of design options and a host of detail solutions. Because extraordinary standards require maximum flexibility, there are virtually no limits to the choice of models, materials, dimensions, and accessories.

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