Perfection is our claim.

High-quality and functional work tables

Founded in 2004, BENCHALIST is now one of the leading global manufacturers of functional work tables. With many years of cross-industry experience, companies from Switzerland, Germany, France, America and all over the world rely on our expertise to set up their perfect workplace.

The product range includes work tables and laminar flow systems for watchmakers, goldsmiths, setters, jewelers, precision mechanics as well as high-quality work equipment - all "Made in Germany".

In its 20-year company history, BENCHALIST has repeatedly set new standards. In terms of ergonomics, manufacturing processes and sustainability. The brand is synonymous with innovation, quality and aesthetics and continues to enrich the workplace environment with contemporary concepts.


In order for your new worktable to meet all requirements, an ideal combination of expertise, experience and manufacturing know-how is required. That is our specialty.


BENCHALIST attaches great importance to reliability, quality and durability - always at the highest level. Many years of customer loyalty confirm our approach - we are delighted about that!

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