High-quality accessories from renowned manufacturers as well as from own production complete your functional workstation.


3-D armrest bracket

Armrest bracket with adjustment in three dimensions thanks to a special ball joint.

5-D armrest bracket

5-D armrest bracket with several ball joints. The armrest can be adjusted in any direction and can also be positioned above the worktop.


Drawer dividers

The drawer dividers can be used for all workbenches of the MODULAR SYSTEM. Thanks to the milled grooves in the drawers, the dividers can be inserted as needed.A set contains 1 lengthwise divider and 3 crosswise dividers, which result in 8 compartments when all dividers are in use.The dividers have a height of 40 mm. The strips are 3 mm thick.

Central lock for drawers

Container central lock


Corian worktop insert

Corian, a mineral-organic composite material, is skin-friendly, shockproof and immune to chemicals as well as non-porous and easy to clean.As a worktop insert measuring about 30 x 20 cm, it can be used with all workbenches of the MODULAR SYSTEM.

Linoleum worktop insert

The linoleum worktop insert measuring 30 x 20 cm can be used with all workbenches of the MODULAR SYSTEM.

Linoleum worktop

All workbenches from the MODULAR SYSTEM can be fitted with a worktop made entirely of linoleum. There are various colours to choose from.However, a milled groove is not possible with all-linoleum worktops. However, the worktop can be fitted with a continuous edge or a bevel on three sides.

Wood coat worktop

The worktop with wood power coating - an innovative wood finishing process - comes in various solid colours. The coating is continuous and without edge.Milled grooves are easily possible.

Milled recess for bench vice mounting plate

Can be used with all BENCHALIST workbenches.

Technical equipment and technical equipment accommodation

Installation spring-loaded socket with USB port

1 retractable spring-loaded socket with two 2 USB charging portsThe modern retractable docking station with USB port and an additional socket offers maximum functionality.

Technical equipment rail with block system

The modular technical equipment rail integrated flush into the worktop unlocks virtually endless possibilities to set up the workstation. Adding technical equipment at a later time or converting from right-hander to left-hander workstations - thanks to the variable position and arrangement, the modular technical equipment rail easily adapts to every production environment.

Insertable power strip

Insertable power strip, 3x three-pin sockets / rotated by 90° with power supply cord (accessory for double rear panel and technical equipment area).

Other accessories

Double rear panel

Double rear panel with one to two hinged doors.The lockable rear panel with integrated stowage space for electrical components ensures working in a tidy environment.