Modular II

Modern & robust master concept!

Goldsmith workbench - Modular II

Width 1.200 - 1.600 mm
Depth 650 - 850 mm
Height 900 - 1.200 mm

Design your workspace just the way you want with the MODULAR II for goldsmiths and jewellers. Design, workmanship and equipment features are all at the highest level. Arrangements in different formations make totally creative solutions for group workstations possible.

The clever design of the robust four-legged base made of steel with open side profile is ideal for versatile use. Four inside-mounted hydraulic cylinders with a lifting capacity of 150 kg each raise the inner steel frame like a telescope. This also raises the drawer containers connected to the benchtop.

Your options

  • Electrical or crank-operated height adjustment
  • Optionally with insertable 3-D armrests
  • Containers freely selectable
  • Colours in various décors
  • Multiplex boards, veneer or solid wood
  • With or without double rear panel
  • Intelligent options for technology accommodation
  • Centre segment with drawers and / or pull-out tray

Sample models

This high-quality workbench from BENCHALIST features a worktop made of solid beech with continuous milled groove, and is fitted with fixtures for a lamp and a vacuum and compressed air system. The precise-fit cable pass-throughs are protected by brush grommets.

The integrated worktop protector with bench pin bracket comes with a removable bench pin. In the centre of the benchtop under the bench pin is a wide pull-out drawer.

The support from two ergonomically positioned insertable armrests makes for comfortable and precise working on the workbench.

This model of a goldsmith workbench is fitted with two drawer containers in two of the three smooth-gliding drawers with soft-close feature and attractive arched pulls. Milled grooves in the drawers allow a wide range of possible divider layouts.

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