Laminar Flow workbenches

For laboratory & precision assembly operations.

Tailor-made to customer specs

The art lies in integrating the equipment visually into the design of the room.

Flexible and innovative cleanroom solutions, tailored exactly to the requirements of your company.

The cleanroom workbenches are always manufactured to customer specs and are variable with regard to size, design, material and equipment.

Our experienced specialists will assist you from the planning and project design to setting up your cleanroom workbench. There are two options for you to choose from:


  • Independent cleanroom workspace with base and a Laminar Flow box, in which the benchtop is permanently integrated.
  • Custom-made workbench with removable Laminar Flow box for flexible use. The base is permanently connected to the benchtop and the Laminar Flow box can be set on it flush.

Sample models

Overview of Laminar Flow

Custom workbenches