Laminar Flow

Comprehensive concepts.

Cleanroom workstations and cleanroom attachments with vertical airflow

up to ISO class 5 as per ISO 14644 directly from the manufacturer.

Cleanrooms from BENCHALIST

BENCHALIST stands for comprehensive solutions and offers you an extensive range of services for the development and realisation of customer-specific cleanroom workspace systems.

To live up to the increasing requirements on reliability and quality in the production process, high-quality cleanroom solutions are essential in many industries.

Standard sizes or tailored to customer specs –

BENCHALIST will be happy to advice you on the equipment of your cleanroom.

Your options

  • Laminar Flow box (cleanroom workbench attachment) that fits our workbenches from the MODULAR SYSTEM and standard sizes
  • Laminar Flow box (cleanroom workbench attachment) tailor-made for your existing workbench
  • Laminar Flow workbench (cleanroom workbench) tailor-made

Laminar Flow Box

Laminar Flow workbenches

How Laminar Flow works

The term laminar flow refers to a turbulence-free flow of a gas. The air flows in parallel layers, with no disruption between them. Using a sophisticated system of fans, filters and specially designed air duct systems, we create an airflow over the entire workspace that pushes away particle-laden air without mixing with it. This is also referred to as displacement ventilation.

The velocity of the airflow is so low that you can focus on your work undisturbed. This is made possible by the layered movement of the air -  the laminar flow. With our systems, we create ultra-pure filtered air and make a cleanroom quality of ISO class 5 possible on the entire top of the workbench.

The BENCHALIST Laminar Flow equipment is whisper-quiet: Between 36 dB and 45 dB, depending on the selected performance level. In addition to the visual freedom of design, this was our main criterion in the development.

To comply with the specifications of the ISO 14644 standard properly, we only use high-performance filters of type H 14. The air is purified of nanoparticles and microorganisms, which improves the air quality by a factor of at least 10,000 over the surrounding air.

The BENCHALIST Laminar Flow workspace systems provide zoned cleanroom areas for particularly sensitive production, assembly and measuring processes.