Unique VII

Marvel of technology in exquisite guise!

Watchmaker workbench - Unique VII

Width ab 1.300 mm
Depth 700 - 850 mm
Height 900 - 1.300 mm

The UNIQUE VII watchmaker workbench is optimally tailored to the requests of the customer and meets the highest standards. The particularly high requirements on the technical features were realised with a host of tailor-made detail solutions.

The extremely stable workbench made of solid beech has a high-strength paint finish and boasts a timeless design. The elegant aluminium four-column base is height-adjustable thanks to an electrically operated hydraulic system, and fully trimmed with solid wood.

Features and fittings

  • Electrical height adjustment
  • Solid beech with high-strength paint finish
  • Bevel and milled groove on three sides
  • Double rear panel for technical equipment
  • Two electrically retractable boxes for materials
  • Installation of an extraction system
  • Bracket for microscope
  • Drawers with dividers and central lock
  • Various cable pass-throughs

Detail views

This workbench is used for special assembly operations of watchmakers and goldsmiths.
A special extraction system is installed behind the left block of drawers, which is operated through the angled door in the double rear panel.

Two electrically retractable flush-closing elements are intended for keeping small parts and cleaning utensils. The micromotor is located in the area of the double rear panel and is controlled with the operating panel on the front.

Above the drawers is a retractable cover that hides the controls of the height adjustment and the electrical system.
The drawers are locked centrally with a side-mounted lock.

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