Unique III

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Goldsmith Workbench - Unique III

Width ab 1.300 mm
Depth 700 - 850 mm
Height 900 - 1.300 mm

The UNIQUE III goldsmith workbench is optimally tailored to the requests of the customer and lives up to highest standards. The particularly high requirements on the technical equipment were realised with a host of tailor-made detail solutions.

The extremely stable workbench made of solid beech has a high-strength paint finish and boasts a timeless design.

The elegant aluminium four-column base frame is height-adjustable thanks to an electrically operated hydraulic system and is fully trimmed with solid wood. A rigidly connected stainless-steel gas supply outlet box, insertable armrests as well as the installation of a microscope are just a few examples of the requirements that were taken into account in the development to provide maximum flexibility for different work processes.


Features and fittings

  • Electrical height adjustment
  • Solid beech with high-strength paint finish
  • Bevel and milled groove on three sides
  • Gas supply outlet box & fixture for microscope installation
  • Insertable 3-D leather armrests
  • Sophisticated container system with intelligent divider arrangement
  • USB ports, sockets, master switch, height adjustment on workbench front
  • Multifunctional centre segment
  • Double rear panel for technical equipment
  • Aluminium four-column base trimmed with solid wood

Detail views

An easy-access electrical system on the left and right front of the bench with integrated USB ports, socket, master switch as well as multifunction display for the electrical height adjustment provide convenient and fast operation.

The generous and clever stowage area in the centre segment of the workbench leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to optimal work support. The spectrum ranges from an easy-to-access work drawer with removable stainless-steel tub and various pull-out drawers for tools or stowage to custom-made pull-outs for milling tools or pliers.

Stable and smooth-gliding solid wood drawers with stylish stainless-steel fittings offer plenty of space for materials and tools thanks to their variable divider arrangements.

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