Unique II

Technology at the highest level combining modernity and minimalism!

Watchmaker workbench - Unique II

Width ab 1.300 mm
Depth 700 - 800 mm
Height 900 - 1.300 mm

UNIQUE II stands for a design with futuristic appeal and technical sophistication at the highest level. This electrically height-adjustable watchmaker workbench offers a number of outstanding special features.

Masterful workmanship and high-quality materials are merely the foundation on which this workbench builds.

For example, the exclusive installation of an electrical armrest module offers maximum ergonomic work efficiency. As per specific customer requirements, two bar code scanners were integrated under the worktop as another highlight, which are covered by a flush-mounted glass top.

Features and fittings

  • Electrical height adjustment
  • Electrical armrest module
  • Custom-tailored stowage space elements
  • Scratch-resistant surface finish
  • Solid spruce combined with classy white
  • Double rear panel for technical equipment
  • Modular technical equipment rail for maximum flexibility
  • Integrated bar code scanners
  • Integrated USB ports

Detail views

The development of the UNIQUE II required adapting the design of the workbench to the building around it, which is dominated by a load-bearing structure made of solid spruce.

A scratch-resistant surface finish of the worktop and the side panels combined with classy spruce stylishly round off the modern design of this watchmaker workbench.

The bench design offers lots of space for stowage and the drawers were manufactured expressly for the specific work processes with regard to size and divider arrangement.

As per customer request, the benchtop is fitted with three flush-mounted fixtures for mounting a bench vice, and a bench pin bracket. All the fixtures can be covered when not in use.

A modular technical equipment rail ensures highly flexible use of the technical equipment thanks to its different modules. Changes, upgrades or the conversion from a right-hander to a left-hander workstation can be realised in no time.

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