Modular IV

Outstanding workmanship and value appeal!

Goldsmith workbench - MODULAR IV

Width 1.100 / 1.450 mm
Depth 690 - 800 mm
Height 900 - 1.050 mm

The highly stable base frames from the MODULAR IV series are all-round talents that focus on what counts. With two upright sides of solid hardwood, this workbench without height adjustment has a closed side profile and comes in two benchtop sizes.

MODULAR IV offers optimal conditions for working effectively thanks to a separate container line and the option to be fitted with specifically configured centre compartments.

Your options

  • Without height adjustment
  • Optionally with insertable 3-D armrests
  • Containers freely selectable
  • Workbench base and worktop made of solid wood
  • With or without double rear panel
  • Intelligent options for technology accommodation
  • Multifunctional centre segment

Sample models

This benchtop made of solid beech with continuous milled groove features a steel plate for attaching a bench pin.

A modular technical equipment rail integrated flush into the benchtop allows custom arrangement of optional technical accessories.

The modern retractable docking station with USB port and additional sockets offers maximum functionality.


The centre segment with two pull-out drawers is used for catching filings and as an additional work area. Another drawer made of stainless steel is intended for soldering work.

A small pull-out with holes is perfect for stowing cutting tools and drill bits.

Inside the container is a GRS engraving system and the tool holders are connected directly to the compressed air couplings. The cylindrical holes next to the centre drawer are intended to accommodate the tool holders.


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