Modular I

Functional design with maximum versatility!

Watchmaker workbench - MODULAR I

Width 1.200 - 1.600 mm
Depth 650 - 850 mm
Height 900 - 1.200 mm

Design you workspace just the way you want with the MODULAR I.

The MODULAR I base frame combines functional design with maximum flexibility at work. The linear four-legged base made of steel or stainless steel with closed rear and side panels features four inside-mounted hydraulic cylinders with a lifting capacity of 150 kg each. The inner bench legs telescope out and the whole bench with all add-on components is raised.

Your options

  • Electrical or crank-operated height adjustment
  • Armrests rigidly integrated or 3-D ball joint
  • Containers freely selectable
  • Colours in various décors
  • Multiplex boards, veneer or solid wood
  • Replaceable Corian or linoleum worktop inserts
  • With or without double rear panel
  • Intelligent options for technology accommodation
  • ESD version

Sample models

This workbench top made of solid beech - stained, painted or with a natural finish - is fitted with a linoleum worktop. The padded armrest is rigidly connected to the milled out top.

A bevel on three sides as well as the milled groove in the front section prevent small parts from bouncing off. The centre segment features a pull-out worktop as well as a drawer element.

The closed rear panel with integrated stowage space for electrical components ensures working in a tidy environment.

The milled out cable pass-through in the closed side panel is made of metal and fitted with brush grommets.

This MODULAR I workbench with electrical continuous height adjustment is conveniently operated at the touch of a button and features four-position memory.

An easily accessible master switch for the technical equipment allows switching the electrical systems quickly and safely off and on.

A locking system for the drawer container provides safe stowage of tools and materials.

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