Goldsmith workbenches

For goldsmiths and jewellers

When precious materials such as gold, silver, platinum or gemstone

are transformed into exquisite jewellery creations with sublime workmanship –

then the word is of the art of jewellery making and goldsmithing executed with perfect



The typical goldsmith workbench with semi-circular cut-out in the worktop that holds the leather work pan should be designed to put all tools and implements within precise reach, with craftsman and table forming a symbiosis.

In addition to manual dexterity, the key traits of a goldsmith and jeweller are calmness and concentration. Being able to deliberately play to the character of a material and its uniqueness requires an appropriate work platform in addition.

As the centrepiece of the workshop, BENCHALIST workbenches are designed to reassure you that they will provide helpful support for the work process even in phases of maximum concentration. Everything we do is geared towards precision - just like the tools and the craftsmanship of a goldsmith and jeweller.

Be it a small custom order or a major project with series production. Be it a modular workstation system or a custom production to customer specification. Every order is fulfilled with the utmost care and in close coordination with our customers.

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Modular or Unique System?

BENCHALIST gives you the option to design the workbench of your dreams with the MODULAR or the UNIQUE SYSTEM.

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Other UNIQUE workbenches

The BENCHALIST UNIQUE workbenches can be customised for all industries and speciality fields.

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