Cleanroom workspaces

innovative solutions

To ensure the quality standards of your work processes,

Laminar Flow technology from BENCHALIST

lets you achieve virtually particle-free air quality in your workspace.

Laminar Flow by Benchalist

To live up to the increasing requirements on reliability and quality in the production process, high-quality cleanroom solutions are essential in many industries.

With the help of our Laminar Flow equipment, companies can set up their workspace free from dust and suspended particles in rooms with standard ventilation systems using intelligently directed airflows and state-of-the-art filter technology.

The Laminar Flow technology from BENCHALIST was newly developed in-house from the ground up and enables you to realise controlled workspaces in cleanroom quality for a wide range of applications. Variable dimensions, designs and performance levels allow us to respond to your requirements in a flexible manner. Our innovative cleanroom solutions are designed specifically for workspaces up to class ISO 5 as per ISO 14644.

Our Laminar Flow System